The Colorado Women of Influence Foundation is an Open Membership Organization with three levels of involvement. Our goal is to create a community of supportive colleagues at all levels, from entry to executive: women who understand the challenges of creating a successful career and then taking it to the next level. We firmly believe that when women are financially successful, they have better choices and our entire community benefits.

Our Members espouse our defining values: integrity, authenticity, resiliency, generosity, collaboration and community building.

Our Members are an eclectic group of accomplished women at all stages of their careers and all walks of life: Entrepreneurs, Owners, Executive Directors, Presidents and CEOs from the business world, as well as leaders of academia, government, the arts, athletics and community organizations.

We also reach out to and support our Emerging Leaders who seek resources, connections and good advice from those who have “been there, done that”:

  • High school girls who want to become entrepreneurs
  • Graduating college students who need real-life experience and mentoring
  • Women at the beginning of their career paths
  • Women returning to the workforce after raising a family or as a result of domestic violence, divorce or loss of a spouse
  • Women returning to the workforce after military service
  • Older women who are passed over in the hiring process in favor of younger workers


The vision of the Colorado Women of Influence Foundation is to become THE gathering place for high-level women in business who are passionate to share their hard-earned knowledge & wisdom with each other and those motivated to create the life of their dreams.

We come together:
• in recognition and celebration to honor what we have accomplished,
• to praise what others have done for us,
• to support each other,
• to provide resources we need to grow to a whole new level of success,
• to become mentors and an informal board of directors to help us work out solutions to the challenges we face in our personal & professional lives,
• and to recognize and support other local organizations who encourage women’s self-sufficiency.

The role of the Colorado Women of Influence Foundation:
• to provide a safe atmosphere of absolute integrity, confidentiality and trust,
• and above all, to encourage each other to THINK BIG!

Thank you in advance for helping the Colorado Women of Influence Foundation become THE resource for women in Northern Colorado!



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