Heidi Olinger featured at our May Influence BEFORE Hours Breakfast Networking Event
Friday, May 26, 2017 from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM MDT
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Ptarmigan Country Club
5416 Vardon Way
Windsor, CO 80528
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Heidi Olinger is an educator, social entrepreneur, and the author of Fashionably Mashed: THE STEM OF FASHION DESIGN.
For teaching excellence, she has been honored by the Boettcher Foundation and others.

She is the founder and CEO of Pretty Brainy, a social enterprise and nonprofit organization that designs project-based STEAM teaching strategies and curricula (STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Pretty Brainy has this goal: to help educators excite students about learning and prepare them – especially girls – to pursue the broadest of career options. InnovatioNews has named Pretty Brainy “An educational leader for STEM education.”

Heidi’s mission is to create STEAM teaching and learning experiences through which girls can build confidence, community and interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In her 2014 TED talk, Heidi inspires her audience to regard each girl, first and foremost, as a person whose primary attributes include problem-solving and critical thinking.

As a speaker, writer, and trainer, Heidi emphasizes what must happen now, in a STEM-driven world, to ensure every child can access and find her place of belonging in STEM. She urges audiences to accept this 21st century fact: “The path of least math is no longer an option.”




Join COWOI at Ptarmigan Country Club for a high energy networking breakfast! We feature a delicious meal, exceptional speakers, quality display tables and of course GR8 networking!
 “Empowering Ourselves by Empowering Others or What Happened Next?!! She Got Out of Her Own Way!” with Heidi Olinger 
In this talk for Colorado Women of Influence, Heidi will tell her story of finding the courage to move on her dream of empowering girls in science and math. After successfully launching the learning company Pretty Brainy, however, Heidi struggled with pivoting the company, trusting herself, building the right team, and learning to become the leader Pretty Brainy needed. Those who attend this talk will gain Heidi’s insight on the power of women knowing their stories, questioning themselves less, trusting more, and getting out of their own way. When women take these strides, says Heidi, they are ready to lead from any place in an organization, a career, and in life itself.
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Here’s our Agenda:
7:00 Informal Networking, display tables & breakfast buffet
7:30 Let’s get it started!
7:45 Our speaker
8:45 Break: networking & display tables
9:25 Wrap-up: door prizes and closing thoughts
9:30 Afterglow: stay to visit display tables, network and enjoy another cup of coffee.
Doors open at 7am – Breakfast Buffet opens at 7am
This event is open to the public. Invite your colleagues and friends to hear this dynamic speaker!
  • COWOI Member Attendance $30
  • Non-Member Attendance $40
  • COWOI Attendance & Display Table $55
  • Non-Member Attendance & Display Table $75

See you there!

Ann Clarke
Colorado Women of Influence, LLC