Colorado Women of Influence is proud to announce the creation of a new program called “Emerging Leaders.”

Jessica Born

Kristina Paz

Under the leadership of Kristina Paz, Dr. Jane Brewer and Jessica Born, the program is created for women aged 25 to 40, just out of school or early along their career path.

The goal is to provide support, resources and encouragement and of course ACCESS to these “Emerging Leaders.” In 2017 the group enjoyed all sorts of events:

  • Our Happy Hour Hop

Dr. Jane Brewer

events met at different locations for a networking event to get to know each other.

  • Our Hike Up Your Skirt days involved outdoor activities, from hiking to paddle board yoga!
  • Our Gals Give program which included volunteering with nonprofits in our area, including a Loveland Habitat For Humanity House Build!


In 2018 we plan even more events to get to know each other, help our communities, and develop relationships with experienced women who will encourage us build the careers of our dreams!

Jessica Born, Jane Brewer, and Kristina Paz