Never underestimate the power of your Web site!
Does anyone use a phone book anymore? Do you? I didn’t think so! If you want contact information about a product or service, you use a search engine, don’t you?

Never underestimate the power of your web page to connect you with the people who need your service or product.

Here is one example of how a woman who didn’t even own a computer created a wildly effective website.

You might have heard that Angie the Dreamweaver is a very talented hair stylist who specializes in woven hair extensions which are beautiful, natural looking and not harmful to the hair. Yes, Angie didn’t even own a computer, let alone have a Web site. She asked Lori Gama (Dagama Web Studio) to get her going, and Lori asked Katrina Pfankuch (Buzzwords) to “interview” Angie for the content. Remember, Angie still didn’t even own a computer. Between Lori and Kat, Angie had her website up in no time. And she still didn’t own a computer.

If you ever wonder if a Web site is worth the investment, Angie is the perfect example of what can happen when you’re on the ‘Net. Angie told me, “Wow, I have customers contacting me from all over the United States. They found me through my website. They actually want to FLY IN so I can do their extentions! And did you see I was in November’s issue of LUCKY magazine? I was featured with Beverly Hills , New York , and only 4 other salons for Extensions..Pretty big stuff !!!!”

Wow indeed, I would say pretty big stuff!

You know what comes next, don’t you? HOW DID ALL THESE PEOPLE FIND ANGIE? Through her website! Like Angie, you have to invest in your success and hire the best people available to accomplish what you cannot do by yourself. You absolutely, positively MUST have a website. Now…what are you waiting for?

Here is an example of how my webpage helped my customers find me:
Not long ago I received a call from a fellow in Las Vegas who had found my website in a search for “motivational videos.” He was preparing for his annual presentation to a client’s auto dealership and was looking for a way to inspire the sales staff to new levels of success. After seeing the streaming video clip of my “God Bless The USA” he started looking through the rest of my website. Then he picked up the phone and called me. “Can you come to Las Vegas in January to do a presentation to my clients?” Since my prices were on my website, he already knew what I charged, and there was so hesitation about being able to afford me. He had browsed through all my topics, again from my website, and knew just what he wanted me to target. The bottom line is that I’m off to Vegas in January, and the check for my fee is already in the bank.

None of this would have happened if it weren’t for my GR8 website and correctly placed search words. My website is the primary way that clients find me.

Are you beginning to get the picture? The Internet is the research vehicle of choice for the majority of men–and especially women–in business. If you don’t have a website that works for you, make sure that is the Number 1 item on your 2008 To-Do list! Your website is the face of your company. Make sure it reflects the professional image you want to portray, and make use you have used search engine optimization so it comes up in the top 10 list of your ideal customer!