A candidate for Membership must be nominated by a Member in Good Standing. In addition, eligibility is determined by meeting one or more of the Criteria for Membership (please read, “Are You Eligible?“).

Please contact ANN CLARKE to receive a Nomination for Membership for a colleague or an Application for Membership once eligibility has been established.

When your Application has been approved, you can pay for your Membership through PayPal or receive an invoice through QuickBooks Online to pay with check or credit card.

Your first year of membership is $275, renewed annually at a “thank you for your membership” cost of $225.

Click on this link to pay for your membership through PayPal:

You can pay for your Renewal of Membership through PayPal or receive an invoice through QuickBooks Online to pay with check or credit card. Your renewal is $225.

Click on this link to renew your membership through PayPal:

12/mo basis, renewed annually

PLEASE NOTE: Non-profit executive officers are eligible for a 50% discount: a One-Year membership is $138, renewed annually at a cost of $138. Contact Ann for a special Non-Profit Application & Renewal and to receive a special invoice.

Benefits of Membership

  • ACCESS! Plug into a network of the most powerful female voices in business in Northern Colorado.
  • CONNECT! Gain access to leaders in the business community, women with unparalleled experience in building successful businesses.
  • GIRLFRIENDS! Build a life-long network of friends at an equal level of success.
  • RELATIONSHIPS! You do business with people you know. Open doors to new business.
  • IDEAS! Exchange best practices and new ways to collaborate.
  • CONNECTIONS! Create relationships & connections with members at social events.
  • SHOWCASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Speak on a panel at our workshops, conferences or seminars.
  • MENTOR! Inspire the next generation of women business leaders as we identify our “Rising Stars,” “Emerging Leaders” and “Women To Watch.”
  • CHAMPION LOCAL NON-PROFITS! We enthusiastically the causes of our members by “showing up,” by donating door prizes, silent auction items (and BUYING them), and of course with our time and money.
  • A PLACE OF OUR OWN! The COWOI suite in Palmer Gardens Office Center is a hive of creativity and interaction! The suite features four offices (available to our Members to sublease) and a comfortable “Clubroom,” upscale and elegant. Decorated by our Members, it features comfortable couches & chairs, a business book library, K-Cup machine, Eldorado Springs water, and of course lots of chocolate! A separate “Board” room is also available for up to 15 people. The Clubroom s available to our Members during the day or by appointment in the evenings. This is so much better than meeting clients at a noisy coffee shop!