Applicants must:

1) Be nominated by a Current Active Member in Good Standing;

2) Furnish three references.

3) Furnish Proof of Eligibility.

4) Cost: $275 (Loveland or Berthoud Chamber Members receive a $50 discount), with annual renewal of $225. No monthly dues.

The completed Membership Application and accompanying documents can be submitted to COWOI, 150 E. 29th Street, Suite 250, Loveland CO 80538.

The Advisory Council will review your application and upon acceptance you will be invoiced.

Copy the information below into your word processor program and email to or mail it to 150 E. 29th Street, Suite 250, Loveland CO 80538




Date of Application:




Mailing Address:


  • Membership in Colorado Women of Influence LLC is on a 12-month basis, and must be renewed annually.
  • Membership in Colorado Women of Influence LLC stays with the individual, not the company, and cannot be transferred.
  • Your membership payment is non-refundable.
  • Your membership payment is not deductible as a charitable donation.

I was nominated by:_____________________________________

By submitting this Application you certify that you meet one or more of the Eligibility Guidelines and if called upon, can furnish proof of eligibility.

Please circle your eligibility category.

  • An business owner with an established shop, building or other physical presence, open to the public, who exercises the power to make policy decisions and is actively involved in the day-to-day management of the firm.
  • A sole proprietor, consumer-direct or direct-sales business owner who has achieved executive status and is recognized as a top producer (top 5% nationally) & leader in her company because of exceptional sales and leadership responsibilities, whose agenda is to build a sustainable, relationship-driven business.
  • A corporate executive who is the senior operating manager (President, CEO or VP) or chief decision maker for her company or non-profit organization, or a former chief decision maker.
  • An entrepreneur qualifies for Membership if her company has annual gross revenues in excess of $100,000, she is running the company-day-to-day, she founded the company and /or her current ownership interest provides active control over the company.
  • An educator, associated with a higher learning institution.
  • Elected officials and women in the government and the political arena.
  • Performing artists & musicians, professional speakers, published authors who use their talents to entertain and educate others.
  • Professional athletes and women recognized for their accomplishments in sports.
  • A “leader in the community”


These are my 3 references: ______________________________________________________________

Please indicate if you are a current member of the Loveland or Berthoud Chamber of Commerce.

Applicant Signature: