Each month we publish our own Member Update, featuring networking events, educational workshops, call-outs, and lots of good news to share!

The Member Update is an exclusive benefit of membership of COWOI. The Update includes news and events sponsored (or championed) by COWOI Active Members.

If you have information to be included, email Ann the details & links to your website.
THE DEADLINE is the 25th of each month, but don’t wait till then – send me your information TODAY. Please keep your submission brief – 50 words is perfect. Any longer and who knows what will be cut out?
Send information about:
  • Your own events
  • News about organizations you champion
  • Networking & educational events sponsored by organizations you belong to
  • Fundraisers, plays, dances, school projects
  • 5Ks, sporting events
  • GOOD NEWS about something wonderful that’s happened to you or your business!