Colorado Women of Influence Foundation Pledge of Ethics

The goal of the COWOI Foundation is to create a community of support and inclusiveness for women at all stages of their career paths. In order to ensure all members are provided a safe atmosphere of absolute integrity, confidentiality and trust, and an organization of good reputation, respect and accountability, we require all members to read, sign and abide by a Pledge of Ethics outlined below. This applies at all COWOIF functions.  If a member violates the Pledge of ethics, sanctions may be applied and/or her membership may be terminated at the sole discretion of the COWOIF Advisory Council.

Purpose: Our Pledge of Ethics sets out the expectations of proper behavior of COWOIF members and others affiliated with COWOIF at all our functions.  The purpose is to clarify expected behavior, accountability and transparency while discouraging or prohibiting unethical behavior, discrimination, breaches of confidentiality, and other undesirable, dangerous, or illegal behavior. Any behavior which is an embarrassment to COWOIF members is not tolerated.

1.    Each member is responsible for her own conduct and how she handles differences in opinions, feelings and her own business practices. Participating in gossip, blaming others or holding them responsible for our own decisions does not foster an environment of trust and will not be tolerated.

2.    It is each member’s responsibility to report any inappropriate behavior to an Advisory Council Member or Ann Clarke.  Confidentiality of any reported incident is important and is respected.  The Advisory Council will have the sole discretion on how to proceed with the matter, up to and including termination of the person’s membership. A member whose conduct has been brought before the Advisory Council will be notified in writing. Recommendations must be accepted and acted upon in good faith by the member in question or their membership will be terminated.

3.    Members cannot “borrow” money or supplies from the organization, even though they plan to give it back.  Hiding money, checks, door prizes or any item of value, even as a joke, will not be tolerated.

4.    Members cannot “bribe” others for special favors, promise political contributions, or promise anything on behalf of COWOIF.

5.    Each member must immediately report any safety, health or environment concerns to Ann Clarke or an Advisory Council member; even though she may not agree it is an important problem.

6.    Telling sexual, racist or ethnic jokes or any behavior which makes others uncomfortable will not be tolerated.

7.    Each member is expected to report any dishonest or threatening behaviors. It is everyone’s responsibility to care for the welfare of everyone in our organization.

8.    We are an interesting, diverse group of women, and each member must insure that we treat all members with respect and not engage in behavior that might make others feel uncomfortable.

9.    As a COWOIF member, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to other members, our community, sponsors, colleagues and to the public at large.  I pledge to comply with this Pledge of Ethics, and to practice these standards in all my interactions.

10.    If I breach this Pledge of Ethics, I agree that the Advisory Council in its sole discretion may hold me accountable for so doing. I further agree that my accountability to COWOIF for any breach may include sanctions, such as loss of my membership and/or participation in specific events.