YOU asked for MORE and WE LISTENED! We’re setting up MORE workshops in the COWOI Foundation Suite with Jonelle!
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In 1993, Jonelle began her career as a  career counselor. But she quickly realized that her “intution” played a huge role in her consultations.

Through the years she has developed that skill and today is a trained Intuitive who combines compassionate spiritual support with that career counseling background. She also taps into gifts from her Native American lineage.   She is a skilled listener and a source of compassion, support, guidance and insight.  Her passion is connecting with others and supporting them as they embrace the joyful life they are meant to live.
Join Jonelle Davis to learn how to create a culture of inclusivity and love
“MY GIRL: The Joy, Opportunities, and Power of Connecting with Other Women”
Connecting with your true wants and desires and sharing your true self with others can be challenging.  Learn how to embrace who you are and ask for what you need from others.  Learn how it feels to receive support and recognition for just being you. Entrepreneurship (and life!) is much more fun when shared with others!
As women, we can be excellent connectors.  Yet as entrepreneurs or strong women, we sometimes think it is up to us (and only us) to get things done.  This creates a missed opportunity to grow with someone else’s support and encouragement. Collaboration, connection and caring are important parts of building your business and your heart-centered network.
In this workshop you will:
  • Learn how to connect without losing yourself and your needs.
  • Reap the benefits of collaboration, support, and connection.
  • Embrace the power of vulnerability, sincerity, and authenticity.