The 2010 Gala was an outstanding success!
Meet our 2010 Women of Vision
We are proud to honor the following women whose actions rose to the top of an already stellar list of accomplished women!

Lu Anne Aulepp
Lu’s pioneering efforts for equal pay and equal rights opened doors for women of today. Head of Research for TIME Magazine in 1970, she and three other women sued TIME for equal pay for women. Their lawsuit was joined by a total of 130 women, and they won. Lu is also an original member of the National Organization for Women. When TIME decided to cover the burgeoning women’s movement, Lu influenced the managing editor that the entire story package should be researched AND written by women (at that time there were no female writers at TIME). The result of Lu’s efforts and the team she managed became the August 31st 1970 cover story: The Politics of Sex. Not long thereafter, TIME began hiring female writers.

Denny Moyer
At Age 19 Denise was diagnosed with Juvenile macular degeneration and quickly became legally blind. Since that time she has graduated from college, raised two daughters, and become an occupational therapist specializing in low vision. In 2001 she was the leading force in helping the Lions Club of Ft. Collins and their Foundation create Ensight Skills Center, Inc., a low vision rehabilitation facility. Her continued leadership in the field of low vision has led to service in many areas as well as authoring articles and books. Denise has helped Ensight Skills Center expand its services with offices in Greeley, Denver, Longmont, Grand Junction and rural areas of Colorado. The low vision rehabilitation service program she developed is unique in Colorado and most of the U.S.

Pamela Cook

“Cut It Out,” a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, launched in March 2003 when Pamela Cook took the podium to address an international gathering of salon professionals, educators, and the press. “Cut It Out” was designed to train salon professionals to recognize the signs of domestic abuse, to effectively intervene, and safely connect those abused to local resources. In introducing “Cut It Out” to the world, Pamela was the voice & face that mobilized salon professionals and others across the U.S. to take action to stop domestic violence. The program celebrates seven years of success! Locally Pamela presents educational workshops to school children on issue of manipulation, control, self-respect, setting boundaries, and what abuse looks like. Through her everyday work at Salon West she continues to look for women who need to know about the message of “Cut It Out.”

Maury Dobbie
Over the past 30 years Maury has started five successful companies as well as lived a life of service. She is a barrier-breaker on many business levels. Being “the first women” never entered her mind. She was appointed by two Goverors from different parties to serve on three commissions on behalf of the state of Colorado. She is the former CEO of NCEDC (their first female CEO) and is incoming Chair of the board for Colorado Community College System. Always an advocate for women of all ages, Maury served as President of the Women’s Develpment Council for seven years. In partnership with the Women’s Business Office of the State of Colorado she started the Young Women of the West Entrepreneurial Training Program for high school girls which ran for eight years in four different Northern Colorado communities, as well as Colorado Springs, Denver and Grand Junction. Maury continues to focus on making a difference and having an impact on the lives of girls and women through her involvement with a number of non-profits focused on families.

Lydia Dody

Lydia is the publisher and owner of Style Media Group, Inc/Style Magazine, founded in 1984 to produce regional magazines focused on the people, places and events of the Northern Colorado Front Range. In October of 2000, Lydia discovered a lump in her breast and within a week had a bilateral mastectomy with a simultaneous reconstruction, followed by chemotherapy treatments. In her battle against breast cancer, she realizes that ALL women in Northern Colorado need post-diagnosis support. In 2001 the Lydia Dody Hope Lives! Breast Cancer Foundation was formed. Hope Lives! pays for complementary care services and brings the resources of over 30 cancer-related service and support providers straight to women with breast cancer. Hope Lives! ensures that these women can receive post-diagnosis support and care such as much-needed complementary care, lifestyle support such as housecleaning, and emotional support such as family and couples counseling. Today Lydia is a proud Survivor, spreading the word about Hope Lives! through many wonderful events, 5K runs and a Gala in the Fall.

Roxie Ellis

When Roxie married Terry Ellis, Ellis Ranch was a horse boarding facility and “show barn.” As the equestrian industry began to change, the Ellis family had a dream of a different future for their Ranch. They began offering chuck wagon dinner rides, horse trail rides and entertaininging special events. At their peak they hosted 65,000 guests. Adapting again to changes they saw coming, they then converted their 18000 sq ft indoor arena into an Event Center where they could host corporate parties and weddings. 9/11 changed things once more, and the Ranch adjusted, evolving into one of Colorado’s premier wedding and event venues, hosting over 100 events each year. As if this visionary approach to business were not enough, Roxie is also the founder of two therapeutic riding clubs (Front Range Exceptional Equestrians and Hearts & Horses), co-founder of Alternatives To Violence, and a outspoken advocate for Angel House and CLEAR Loveland. Now in her 50’s, Roxie and Terry continue their involvement with the Ranch, along with their son Shawn and his family, continuing the family tradition on many levels.

Diana French

Diana is an inventor, and holder of eight patents. She is also the Founder of Brand Spanking New, a “green” retail thrift store funding her non-profit Ft. Collins Charitable Foundation whose donations sustain many No Colo non-profits.

Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, Doctor of Animal Science and professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, and consultant to the livestock industry in animal behavior. As a person with high-functioning autism, Grandin is also widely noted for her work in autism advocacy and is the inventor of the hug machine designed to calm hypersensitive persons.

Grace Hanley

At age 16, Grace traveled to Kenya to build a new school and teach in a small Masai school. During her college years, at DU she worked for Free the Children as Regional Network Coordinator for Colorado. Because of her interest in the international community, she founded Mosaic, an international women’s group. She spend her semester abroad in Brazil, working with trafficked & abused children. After graduation she was hired by Whole Foods Market and was immediately drawn to work with the Whole Planet Foundation (microloans in communities where Whole Foods products are raised).With constant work, encouragement & energy, she helped drive the FC store to the top of the company two years in a row. She also coordinated and executed an $82K fundraiser for local Larimer County food programs. At age 22, her passion to make a difference touches lives literally all over the planet.

Kristi Helzer
Kristi has spent a lifetime giving back, to the benefit of practically every non-profit organization and “good cause” in Greeley. She helped promote and gain visibility for numerous businesses, campaigns, products, and events along the Front Range. Here are a few: the Greeley Choral, Greeley Philharmonic, Evans Fest, United Way, the school district, the library, community improvement ballot initiatives, the Greeley Convention & Visitors Bureau, UNC, Aims, SAVA and countless more have benefited from Kristi’s enthusiastic promotion & participation. And every women’s business organization has benefited from her tireless leadership. Most recently she started Northern Colorado Women in Business, a co-op of female entrepreneurs. Kristi is a cheerleader for all women in business; her plate is always full as she tries to help every non-profit organization raise money and meet goals. She shuns the spotlight, and it is our pleasure to put her in ours!

Dr. Joan King
Joan’s background includes years of spiritual studies in the Dominican Convent, followed by years of extensive scientific research in a medical school environment. Neither experience alone fulfilled Joan’s yearning, until she integrated the two in the concept of “cellular wisdom” explored in her books. Cellular Wisdom provides the foundation for Joan’s coaching, coach training and mentor coaching, as well as her speaking and writing. Knowing that every person has an inner wisdom, Joan encourages everyone she meets to be brave and daring. Accessing the wisdom within you, you come to know what you need to do to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Her words have inspired countless men and women in the U.S. and many other countries. In June Joan discovered a lump, soon diagnosed as breast cancer. Seeing this challenge as an opportunity to share knowledge and wisdom, she created a blog. Joan says, “So many deal with this challenge every day, Maybe I can help bring a new perspective.” She is, once more, changing lives and inspiring others!

Jeri Howe

Jeri created a vision for Northern Colorado to help young people in need of a supportive environment. She is the founder The Matthews House, serving at-risk youth ages 16-21 who lack significant family support in their lives. Matthews House works to create opportunities for positive life changes for youth as they make the transition to living on their own. Most important, each youth is surrounded with a community of support, including an adult mentor.

Heather Janssen
As a new mom, Heather experienced a full range of emotions, and they were not all cute & cuddly. She realized that many women, accustomed to goal-oriented/business lifestyles, struggled when they suddely ffound themselves at home with an infant. By creating GET BORN Magazine, Heather gave these women a voice. The magazine encouraged them to be honest about the frustrations, disappointments and struggles of parenthood, and the adjustment it takes to be at home. Her readers form a tribe of support and understanding, sharing ideas and taking advantage of the creative outlet the magazine provides for them. Now a mom of four young daughters, Heather continues to publish GET BORN Magazine while dealing with stage 4 breast cancer, a double radical and chemo.

Gailmarie Kimmel
Gailmarie is a champion of local business. By creating BE LOCAL Northern Colorado she educates & encourages residents choose to spend their money in their own back yards. She created Ft. Collins Winter Markets, generating $213K in sales, with thousands of shoppers and almost a hundred vendors. She created BE LOCAL business network with over 200 members, coupon books, the BE LOCAL 20/20 Challenge where almost a thousand people pledged to spend $20 a week to eat, shop, play and give business to locals. For 10 yearsGailmarie has been a driving force in the Sustainable Living Fairs.

Carmeen Klausner

Carmeen is the founder of Pathways To Spirit, a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the provision of material assistance to and cultural preservation of Native Americans on the reservations of South Dakota and along the Front Range of Colorado. The organization pursues this mission through direct provision of goods and services, education and training, and evolving partnerships with other organizations. Pathways is ALL volunteers. No donations are used for salaries. 95% of money donated goes directly to program services. Carmeen has orchestrated many projects including building a library, delivering mobile homes to families in need, acquiring grant money to heat homes in the severe South Dakota winters, acquiring & delivering household furnishings several times a year to the reservations, and countless additional projects and acts of kindness. Her quiet commitment, leadership and passion for this cause is truly inspirational.

Dr. Lori Kogan

Dr. Lori Kogan is a full time Psycholigist and Facultywith the Department of Clinical Services at the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at CSU. Her vision, passion and dedication to preserving the human/animal bond led her down a different path. She is the founder Pets Forever (a nonprofit assisting low-income seniors and disabled residents in Fort Collins and Loveland who need some extra help caring for their animals) and the Crosstrails Program at Crossroads Safehouse (a unique program that provides emergency shelter/foster homes for pets belonging to Safehouse residents, ensuring safe and confidential housing for the entire family).

Read an excellent article about Lori’s work on CSU’s online newspaper, Today.

Dorsi Smith & Shannon Lopez, Amy Snider
We honor three women who are founders of sports programs for girls and women.

Dorsi Smith & Shannon Lopez founded Rocky Mountain Youth Sports, and Amy Snider founded Colorado Force Professional Women’s Soccer because they saw a need in the community.

Rocky Mountain Youth Sports was founded in 2007 to provide opportunities for developing basketball players in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Wellington and surrounding areas) and Southern Wyoming (Cheyenne, Laramie and others) via basketball activites (teams, clinics, etc.) for boys and girls in 4th-12th grades and is home of Rocky Mountain Fever, summer competitive basketball teams.

The Colorado Force was founded by Amy Snider in 1996 and serves over 20,000 fans and participants through it’s women’s soccer franchise home games, leagues, camps and clinics, and special events such as the Women’s Soccer Celebration and College Showcase events.

Dr. Barbara Wallner
Dr. Barbara Wallner has been a major influence on Poudre School District programs & teachers. She worked tirelessly to pass millions of dollars for the schools through the passage of mill levy overrides and bond elections. She is a CSU professor and founder of Opportunities Galore.

Elsie Walsh

Elsie is retiring from the Poudre School District after teaching German & Spanish for 34 years. She taught her thousands of students that understanding a culture as well as a language opens all sorts of doors on a world scale. With that in mind, Elsie led hundreds of student in trips to far flung places, including Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Venezuela, Mexico, Turkey and Greece. She says, “I believe that the essence of languages is not prepositions, nouns and participles…but people. People in a community sharing their thoughts, living everyday lives, singing…cooking…sharing the joy of a birthday. Or s snow day!” As a result, her students absorbed the culture and began to see the world with different eyes. This new understanding impacted and effected their lives forever. On the even of her retirement, Elise still advocates that foreign language should be part of the core curriculum to introduce ALL students to other cultures!

Linda Wheeler Holloway

Linda Wheeler-Holloway is a warrior for justice – a passion she has followed since 1978 when she became the second ever female deputy for the Larimer County Sherriff’s office.

“I thought, ‘I’m just going to play cop for a while,’ and I never stopped.”

Linda, a Fort Collins native and magna cum laude graduate of CSU, has been a tireless advocate for the victims of crime. Her 30-plus year career in law enforcement has always focused on crimes against persons. In 2009 her work to free Timothy Masters, who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of Peggy Hettrick, drew her national attention and acclaim. Because of DNA specialists Linda found in the Netherlands, Tim is now free after serving 10 years in prison.

A warrior has courage, and Linda has the courage to stand for what is right. You see, as the lead investigator for the Fort Collins Police Department, she organized the investigation of the Hettrick murder. Later she began to have doubts about the 1987 murder and conviction. “I was working at Amgen as the head of security when Tim Masters came back to haunt me. I was contacted by a citizen about the case.” In 2006 she took on the project to free Masters. Despite the high personal cost she worked tirelessly for justice. The ramifications of her fight continue to make headlines today.

Linda is truly a warrior for victims. In the early 1990’s she headed a state-wide grant to standardize sexual assault protocols for women. This included training investigators, nurses, victim’s advocates and the creation of a standardized sexual assault kit. In 2001, she helped revise those protocols to include male rape victims and children.

Some other things you might want to know about this outstanding woman:

She did a large amount of work on the Big Thompson Flood combining her biology and law enforcement training.
She began her law enforcement career in 1973 working as a part time receptionist at the Larimer County Sherriff’s Office.
She graduated first in her class from the Police Academy.
Linda worked for the Fort Collins Police Department for 16 years, with 12 years in investigation of crimes against persons.
In 1995, Linda went to work for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and spent 9 years in the Major Crimes unit investigating homicides and sex assault.
She “kinda” retired in 2003, but has worked as a DA’s investigator for the 13th Judicial District for four years investigating domestic violence, homicide and sexual assault.