Linda WinterMeet LINDA WINTER – Greeley

  • My fashion and beauty career began 46 years ago when I got my Colorado cosmetology license. It led to a career I still enjoy today.
  • In 1972 I married my husband, Dick  and we began our life on the farm which we still enjoy today. We raised two great kids who are entrepreneurs and great people. They are our son, Tony Winter, (farmer), his wife Shelby,and kids Kolton and Holly. Our daughter Angie Weed, her husband Greg, and daughters Baylee, Madi and Ella. They are owners of Eastern Colorado Bank.Our family is our greatest treasure and legacy.
  • In 1978 my first salon was in our home on the farm so I could participate in dozens of our kids activities and help at home. 20 years ago I opened “Accessories with a Flair!…and Hair which is a boutique, hair salon, make-up studio and wig center in Downtown Greeley. I began with three pieces of jewelry and it has evolved into a one-stop shop for clothes, jewelry, hats, wigs and more.  ” It’s not shopping….it’s RETAIL THERAPY!”
  • I believe in finding your niche market and then providing the best service possible. People may not remember what you said… but they will remember how you made them feel!
  • In 2014 we formulated our private label skin care line called “Star Natural Skin Care”. After selling skin care for 40 years I got tired of companies telling me how and where I could sell their products so we invented our own. The response has been great as the products are for the entire family and the results are amazing. We want you to “come as you are…and leave like a STAR!”
  • I believe in giving back to the community because they are my friends and customers. I have served on many boards over the years and hope my efforts have made a difference. Some of them are the American Cancer Society Look Good, Feel Better program, NCMC, Inc. Board, I sponsor Miss Rodeo Colorado, I am chairperson of the Greeley Downtown Alliance and Vice President of the Greeley Philharmonic Board. ( My husband will tell you I am the meeting queen and social butterfly)
  • You can choose to enjoy your life or not. As Auntie Mame said, ” Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”Join me in enjoying the journey… the secret to success is do whatever it takes …and.see you at a fun event!!

Meet GILLIAN BOWSER – Colorado State University, Ft. Collins

  • gillian_backpackDr. Gillian Bowser has devoted her career to increasing opportunities for women & minorities in science.
  • Acting on the principle that knowledge & education enables & empowers women to make informed decision for themselves, their family & society, she has tirelessly worked to expose women worldwide to sustainability goals & activities.
  • In the US she has reached more than 700 women, girls & students of color to share the joy & excitement of careers in science & natural resource management.

1-JeanDaviet_LoResMeet JEAN DAVIET – Greeley

  • Jean S. Daviet is a Christian woman who has always had an interest in the political process and government activities at local, state and federal level. Her career has followed a rather non-traditional path for a woman.
  • Jean began a long career in Information Technology (IT) in the financial sector. She was accepted into Northeastern University in Boston the second year they accepted women to study Engineering. She is a self-proclaimed “Geek” whose father’s support in the 1960s gave her the courage to pursue a rather unique path for a woman.
  • She interrupted her studies to start her family; which she views as her most important accomplishment involving the rearing of her four children and assisting with two stepchildren; which has resulted in 15 grandchildren, one great grandson and a great granddaughter. Sadly, her husband and best friend of 22 years, Dave, passed away following a long illness in the spring of 2014.
  • The accomplishments of this brilliant woman would fill numerous books. It is because of trail blazing women like Jean that women today enjoy numerous opportunities and can walk through many career doors.
  • Jean always demonstrated a love and affinity for math. She graduated Magna Cum Laude as their Outstanding Computer Science Graduate from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. She participated in numerous System Development, Data Modeling, Project Management & Total Quality Management (TQM) seminars over the years continuing to fine-tune her skills.
  • Jean’s professional career began as a Senior Systems Analyst in New Jersey where she maintained computer usage billing systems in DOS and MVS – IBM main frame operating systems. She promoted quickly in her field of Electronic Data Processing, implementing audit functions, creating software for system maintenance for budgets, personnel review and training in the banking industry.
  • There was no glass ceiling for Jean, in her career where women were a rarity. She worked as a senior manager for CPA firm Peat, Marwick & Mitchell in Denver where she helped design systems software that saved clients millions of dollars. Some of her clients included Citicorp, Budget Rent-a-Car, State of New Mexico, Barclay’s of South Africa, First of Chicago, Woolwich Building Society, London – to name a few.
  • From 2001 to 2006 Jean served as V.P. of Financial Management of the Greeley/Weld Economic Development Action Partnership. Jean’s responsibilities involved marketing, managing the loan programs, and assisted in troubleshooting client server problems when needed.
  • Jean doesn’t know the meaning of retirement, she devotes countless hours to Habitat for Humanity where she served on their Board and continues to assist with tax filings for new Habitat home owners. She also serves on the Board of the Colorado Therapy Horses as treasurer, has held every office for the Greeley Republican Women and is a new Women2Women Board member. She also traveled to Lithuania (homeland of her paternal grandparents) to teach English at Lithuania Christian College.

Tami SpauldingMeet TAMI SPAULDING – Ft. Collins

  • Tami K. Spaulding is the epitome of a woman who put together a plan to create the life of her dreams. She was a teenager when she began her real estate career with a title company in 1979. In 1987 she made the transition to real estate sales. She was determined to excel, and even wrote her acceptance speech for Rookie Realtor of the Year shortly after she got her license. It was no surprise that she got to give her speech when she was indeed selected as 1987 Rookie of the Year. Her planning for success continued and 20 years later, she was selected Realtor of the Year, also not a surprise.
  • Throughout her life, Tami has understood the power of goal setting, visualizing success, and affirmations. She created tools to help her imagine the life she wanted: a dream book, filled with pictures torn out of magazines – a beautiful pen, a nice car, an elegant home in the country. She understood the importance of measurable goals so created systems to track her progress on sales . She even wrote her monthly goals on a poster that only she saw from her desk when her door was closed. She created “the 10% rule” where she took 10% of each check into a special bank account to save toward one of her goals. As a result, her business grew and she truly created the life of her dreams. Yes, she got the pen, the car, the house, and most important of all, a loving husband, Richard.
  • Over the years, Tami became a leader in the RE industry, asked to speak at dozens of RE conferences across the nation, sharing her marketing tips and systems with others. She generously shared her expertise, knowing that she helped other women become successful. As her speaking evolved, she delivered inspirational speeches to high school assemblies and mentoring programs and to audiences of all ages at conferences and gatherings of women. As she became financially successful, she shared her good fortune with nonprofits. Larimer Humane Society and Women Give were some of her favorites.
  • The one thing Tami did not plan for was the one thing which brought out her best: her husband’s traumatic brain injury in a horseback riding accident. Tami & Richard’s lives changed, and Tami found herself in the role of caregiver. But she adapted and created systems to help her beloved husband heal, just as she did in her career. Her long-time theme of “no regrets” helped her go forward with courage. She became a fearless champion for her husband’s recovery, focusing her unrelenting energy to help him heal so that they could once more live the life of their dreams. Although these plans have not been 100% successful, she knows she has done her best.
  • Tami Spaulding is a Woman of Vision in both her career and her personal life. She is a true role model for women of all ages, and an inspiration to us all.


  • Kim is the founder and President of Happiness Through Horses. She is fairly new to the non profit world and finds the work challenging and very rewarding. Kim is a wife of 28 years and the mother to 3 beautiful daughters. She started this foundation to bring much needed resources to families that normally would not have the opportunities to heal and learn through horses. “The work allows me to bring my favorite things (Horses) together with my calling and passion which is kids.” Our work with at risk youth has just begun. We are so excited to be on the path to changing many lives for the better that will not only impact families but whole communities.
  • Kim is an entrepreneur at heart and loves bringing value to our communities through various volunteer work. Before creating this foundation with her co-founder Shauna White she would seek out organization’s to see how she could make a difference.
  • With over 2 decades raising and working with children from different walks of life Kim has obtained knowledge about kids beyond what any education could provide. Kim has successfully ran 2 daycare operations, been a girl scout troop leader for 5 years and has done extensive volunteer work in the various schools her daughters have attended. Her work experience stretches across many field such as retail, Banking professional, veterinary assistant, Barn worker and field inspector for a property and preservation company. This year marks 50 years on earth for Kim and she has decided to do what makes her most happy which is making an impact on our youth through the equine world.
  • Kim has lovingly adopted the nick names “Crazy Kim” because I am crazy enough to think I can do anything and special K because our work is unique and special.

becky SafarikMeet REBECCA SAFARIK – Greeley

  • Becky has worked for the City of Greeley since 1978 and has extensive experience in several areas of municipal government.
  • In addition to serving in a number of planning and redevelopment positions, she was the Director of Community Development from 1983 until her appointment to Assistant City Manager in April 2012.  She has been responsible for Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Natural Resources, Neighborhood Resources, Planning, and Urban Renewal. She also acted as the interim director of the Parks and Recreation Department for a nine-month period during this tenure.
  • In her role as Assistant City Manager she oversees the City’s Community Building Departments and Special Projects. She works with numerous City citizen advisory boards and commissions, and she also manages a variety of community outreach programs on behalf of the City, including the Neighborhood Building Blocks program, a ‘tactical’ unit of the City which fosters partnerships within and throughout the community to provide safe, supported neighborhoods.
  • Five tax increment districts, which foster redevelopment of older, distressed areas of the community, were established and are managed under Becky’s guidance. Her work has included mediation and conflict resolution, work with historic preservation, involvement with a variety of special populations and a wide range of land use cases.
  • She is also the lead for the purchase of several hundred acres of land for the Poudre Greenway and land for a Public Safety Training Facility.
  • In other work, Becky helped initiate a coalition of representatives from the three northern Colorado colleges and companion municipal governments to network on issues unique to college communities. She was also instrumental in the establishment of the Greeley University District, a cooperative venture involving the City, University of Northern Colorado and area neighborhoods.  She provides staff leadership support for the Poudre River Trail, and supported the successful designation as one of the State’s Creative Districts, in conjunction with Downtown Development Authority and UNC partners.
  • Her work with redevelopment initiatives has ranged from a variety of housing developments for modest-income families and special populations to larger economic development projects, such as the location of Leprino Foods in Greeley and a downtown hotel and conference center.
  • Becky’s community work has included service on the boards of the Weld Mental Health Association, A Woman’s Place shelter, Creative Arts Center, CASA, the Sexual Assault Recovery Center, the Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce, Greeley Rotary, United Way of Weld County and the Greeley Creative District, as its President.  She also is currently co-chairing a Blue Ribbon Committee on Homelessness.

Patti Smith headshot 2015_2_KMMeet PATTI SMITH – Fort Collins

  • I am Patti Smith, having grown up in North Dakota on a farm I enjoy the outdoors, peacefulness, being in service to neighbors and entrepreneurial experiences afforded me from this life experience. I have lived in Fort Collins since 1975 where Steven and I raised our three wonderful sons: Jason (Sarah), Matthew (Alyse) and Ryan. Today we are blessed with three Grandsons: Charlie, Wyatt and Benny truly the loves of my life.
  • As a Registered Nurse I have worked in a variety of healthcare areas: hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Long Term Care/Nursing Home Consultant, military as RN in 1st Persian Gulf War, classroom educator fifteen years of which twelve were facilitating high school students’ introduction to the healthcare professions at FRCC/LC and an entrepreneur the past eighteen years as a Health Education Consultant. I have been blessed to assist school districts all over Colorado in creating Health Science Technology Education programs to introduce their high school students to the Healthcare Professions. In these programs the students also complete a Certified Nurse Aide program, which enables them to gain valuable work experience and provide them an income as they pursue further education or other life experiences. I have truly enjoyed meeting these young adults all over Colorado and my best experience as an educator was when I was invited to be in classrooms with students who had grown up in refugee camps. They demonstrated their service mindset to serve and love with purpose as they wanted to be an educated health professional and go back to the country they grew up in to support children in refugee camps.
  • I was invited to join the Zonta Club of Fort Collins (5) five years ago as my friend said it was a perfect match for me as I love working with women of all ages especially high school-aged young women and Deanne was right. I have truly enjoyed being a member of the Zonta Club as we work to create equal gender opportunity locally and globally. Locally, one emphasis is to provide scholarships to single Mom’s to help them complete their education, young women in high school who give back to the community and college-aged women. Two of our other projects are to educate our community on need to decrease violence against women through our ‘Zonta Says No’ initiative and to make birthing kits for women in Uganda for our local partner Visit:
  • I am most excited about our women’s legacy project: ‘Her Legacy: Women of Fort Collins’. We have been approved to create a permanent art-in-public places exhibit recognizing notable women whom followed their passion and ultimately left an unplanned legacy as a role model in our Fort Collins community. Visit:
  • I leave you with this quote from Khalil Gibran: “I slept, and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke, and I saw that life is all service. I served, and I saw that service is joy.” Try it. Blessings.

Rikke Liska HeadshotMeet RIKKE LISKA

  • Rikke is a partner with the Fort Collins law firm Procter, Callahan & Liska, LLC, where she focuses her practice in the areas of estate planning, probate, and protective proceedings (Guardianship and Conservatorship).
  • Rikke grew up in Loveland, Colorado and received a B.A. in speech communication from Colorado State University, graduating cum laude. Rikke received her J.D. in 2011 from Arizona State University with the highest pro bono distinction.
  • Rikke participated as a performer with Canyon Concert Ballet (CCB) for almost 16 years before law school. During Rikke’s time with CCB she mentored young dancers, participated in fundraising and event planning for scholarship funds, and helped bring professional level ballet performance to her Larimer County community. Rikke received the highest pro bono distinction from Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law for the time she spent teaching constitutional law in a local high school and helping found the Law Journal for Social Justice.
  • Rikke is admitted to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. She is a member of the Colorado and Wyoming Bar Associations. She is an active participant in the Trust & Estates and Elder Law Sections of the Colorado Bar Association, where she serves on the Orange Book Committee, helping to create forms for attorneys throughout the state. She is also a member of the Larimer County Bar Association. Rikke annually edits chapters in the Senior Law Handbook to help share legal information with communities throughout the state, authors a chapter in the Colorado Elder Law Handbook, and periodically teaches through Continuing Legal Education of the Colorado Bar Association. Rikke enjoys educating the community and also volunteers to assist with legal clinics for the Larimer County community.
  • As a member of the Elder Care Network of Northern Colorado, Rikke was the chair of the Larimer County Senior Law Day Committee for the 2014 and 2015 events and has continued to serve on the Senior Law Day Committee since 2013. From 2015 to 2016, Procter, Callahan & Liska, LLC has been the contracted service provider for the Senior Law Project through the Larimer County Office on Aging. Through this project, Rikke was able to offer donation based and reduced rate legal services to Larimer County seniors.
  • Rikke recently dusted off her dancing shoes and participated in CCB’s 2015 production of The Nutcracker. She is currently a Board Member, serving as interim secretary for the CCB Board of Directors. Rikke has participated in the Larimer County Alliance for Grandfamilies and plans to become an active member of the Larimer County Access to Justice Committee to continue using her legal knowledge to benefit her community.

catherine st. germain stopMeet CATHERINE ST. GERMAIN – Loveland

  • Catherine St. Germain is a single mother of two, born and raised in Loveland, CO. Her mother Jane raised her to stand up for herself and actively speak out against injustice. Jane became politically active during The Viet Nam War, climbed the corporate ladder at HP, and chose to end a dysfunctional marriage. She lead by example, becoming Catherine’s role model for strength, ambition, and courage.
  • Catherine’s upbringing was tested when her 15 year old daughter Alyssa disclosed that Catherine’s second husband had sexually assaulted her in April 2015. Catherine fought relentlessly on Alyssa’s behalf, and on January 20th, 2016 her (now) ex-husband was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 8 years of sex offender probation.
  • Catherine was outraged at what little justice the plea bargain had given them, and had learned how common sexual abuse by people in a position of trust is. On April 8th 2016, she posted a very personal video to Facebook. She silently held up cards detailing the abuse. Catherine desperately wanted to change who mothers perceive as potential threats to their children.
  • The video was viewed over 50 million times in 5 days, suddenly making her an international advocate against sexual predators. She has been interviewed by local and national news media, from K99 FM and The Reporter Herald to Dr. Drew and Single Mom Nation. Her plea for single mothers to check the National Sex Offender Registry was even reported on by the UK’s Daily Mail (who reposted the video and had over 11 million views.) The original video has been viewed more than 60 million times in one month.
  • The vulnerability and honesty in sharing her story has brought Facebook messages from women all over the world commending her courage and thanking her for her bravery. Catherine maintains that her daughter is the brave one. She advocates for mother’s like her to get assistance and begin to heal by “screaming until someone listens.” Catherine is continuing to offer support for mothers of abuse survivors by writing a book, The Invisible Victim.
  • Her video has now been shared more than 56,000 times.
  • Watch her Facebook post here:


Adrienne ZobleMeet ADRIENNE ZOBLE – Ft. Colllins

  • Adrienne Zoble began her Fort Collins business, Adrienne Zoble Associates, LLC in March 1977 in New Jersey, with the idea of offering efficient marketing strategies and know-how to small and growing businesses.
  • As an international marketing speaker and consultant, Adrienne has helped tens of thousands of business owners and executives understand the significance of close-to-the-vest, common-sense marketing and how easy it is to achieve.  One of her favorite sayings is “in marketing, it’s not what you spend, but how you spend it.”  Adrienne “tells it like it is” and speaks from experience as a business owner and avid networker.
  • She is a member of several organizations, including Colorado Women of Influence, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and Founders.  Adrienne is the author of “The Do-able Marketing Plan” workbook, a “10-Minute Marketing Plan” program, the popular Schmoozing Calendar, her “Marketing Myth” emails, myriad blogs, Monday Morning Marketing Tip videos and several e-books.  Her latest e-book, just out, is “Five Ways to Increase your Referrals and Earn More Money.”
  • Adrienne has four courses on, allowing business owners, marketing and salespeople to avail themselves of her marketing wisdom, at exceptionally reasonable prices.
  • In her personal life, Adrienne is an avid reader, particularly of mysteries, and a neophyte gardener.  She loves to travel, knit and crochet, although reading every mystery she can get her hands on has pre-empted her crafting time in the past couple of years.
  • Adrienne is the mother of two daughters, one of whom is married with two children, whom she adores.  Here in town she enjoys her brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.
  • In 39 years in her own business, with four advertising agencies in NY and NJ before that, Adrienne has amassed a wealth of practical marketing ideas that are easy to implement.  Her clients agree.

Meet PAT CAMPBELL – Greeley

Nerger_headshotMeet Dean JAN NERGER – Colorado State University, Ft. Collins

  • Janice Nerger, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, has been an innovative and active advocate for women throughout her distinguished career.
  • She co-founded the Women in Natural Sciences (WINS) group at the University, which empowers and supports women in the sciences, and she helped establish the Colorado State University STEM Center, which enables science outreach to people of all backgrounds in the community.
  • An internationally recognized researcher in the field of human vision, Dr. Nerger has inspired students, faculty and the community as a professor, department chair and dean.
  • Jan is a native San Diegan and came to Fort Collins as an Assistant Professor at CSU in 1989.  She raised her family in Fort Collins.  She has one son, Jansson Tuneberg, and two stepchildren, Sarah and Aaron Tuneberg.
  • Her passions are: family, education, and the importance of making science and mathematics accessible to all.